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The BRUSSELS ROYAL YACHT CLUB (B.R.Y.C.) is a Club and Marina connected to the river Schelde and located in the centre of Brussels in a nautical neighbourhood close to the Royal Palace. The capacity of our berthing is about 200 sailboats and motorboats afloat and 50 on the quay.


The infrastructure of the B.R.Y.C. meets the needs of every yachtsmen with a shed of 200m², 2 cranes, one of 1 ton and the other of 19 tons, water, electricity, hull fairing and wintering areas on cradles (15.000m²), sanitary facilities, ship chandler, petrol station and much more...


The B.R.Y.C. is also an authentic club house, with a bar-restaurant that, in addition to its menu, offers a lunch every day of the week. Rooms for parties and meetings are available for rent and many activities, parties and events related mainly to water sports are organised there. 


The B.R.Y.C. is also a sailing school, the Brussels Sailing Academy (BSA) renowned for its practical and theoretical courses in full compliance with the new legislation of the Belgian Federal Public Service Mobility. More than 20 professors including 2 experts from the Federal Commission for Yachting organised 5 sessions of theoretical courses and dozens of sea or inland waterway trips and 170 students in 2019. The attendance and atmosphere are mainly ensured on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as these are the favourite days for courses and meetings of yachtsmen, professionals and other sailing enthusiasts.


The B.R.Y.C. also hosts a dinghy sailing school which welcomes young people from 7 to 14 years old with practical courses for initiation and improvement. Many well-known competitors in the sailing world started very young at the B.R.Y.C.! The devotion of the instructors and the quality of the B.R.Y.C. training courses is a big part of it... Through the Brussels Sailing Team (BST), we are each year discovering and unveiling new racing talents!


Motorboating is an integral part of the B.R.Y.C.'s nautical activities. Indeed, with more than twenty motorboats, the motorboating section organises outings and takes part in numerous events, each one more fun and enriching than the last, throughout whole Belgium!


The B.R.Y.C has more than 400 members, staff, crew members, supporters, juniors and, whether they own a boat or not, they all have one thing in common: a love of boating! 


Come and recharge your batteries in this very special and characteristic nautical atmosphere. Come and find or discover the magic of the mythical place that is the B.R.Y.C. and its splendid club house.


JC Honnay

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Chaussée de Vilvorde, 1 1020 Bruxelles - Belgique - Email: Secrétariat: +32(0)2 2164828 - GSM: +32 (0)475 58 57 07

Banque: BE49 210-0173261-71 – BIC: GEBABEBB  - TVA BE 0409.279.523 RPM Bruxelles 


Club House Bar Restaurant


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